~ Maximum of one dozen hatching eggs per order please ~


Welsh Harlequin ducks originated in 1949 by Leslie Bonnet, a Wales duck breeder. This duck was imported to the USA between 1968 and 1980 and now is being sold in the USA.


A descendant of the Khaki Campbell duck and an excellent egg producers, the Welsh Harlequin ducks are good backyard ducks and are being shown at many poultry shows throughout the USA. They are good foragers and capable of laying eggs at the top end of 240-300 eggs per year.


At day of hatch these ducks can be sexed (gender determination) by slight differences in the color of their bill with about 85% accuracy for someone experienced. Normally males will have an overall darker bill while the females will have a lighter bill ending with a dark spot and within several day this bill distinction disappears

Welsh Harlequin Eggs