~ Local pick up only, Sold as unsexed, straight run, day old poults ~ 3 poult MAXIMUM ~


The Blue Slate turkey is a rare breed of turkey of the heritage turkey and admitted into the American Standard of Perfection in 1874. Past breeding is thought to be derived from the Spanish Black turkey of USA and the Norfolk Black in England. The Blue Slate turkey makes an excellent forager and backyard/farm turkey. They are capable of reproducing naturally and do go broody.


A special note on the Slates Coloring.  There are 3 colors.  Self Blue, Slate (Blue with Black specks also known as splash), and Black.


 When breeding Slate to Slate, the results are turkeys of three different colors, Slate, Self Blue and Black.

When breeding Self Blue to Self Blue, only Self Blues result.

When breeding Self Blue to Black, only slates result.

When breeding Slate to Black both slates and blacks result, with no self blues.

When breeding Self Blue to Slate both Slates and Self Blues result, with no blacks.

When breeding Black to Black, just Blacks result.


Watch Status,  Considered a sustainable heritage turkey breed.

Slate Turkey Poults