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~ Maximum order of half dozen please ~


These rare, cold-hardy birds are thrifty foragers that will produce 150-200 green eggs a year. We often let our Silverudd Blues forage on pasture, and they are alert for predators but calm with people. The eggs vary in shade of green from a dark olive to a lighter moss green. Some eggs also have small brown speckles against a green background, and many chicken aficionados think Silverudd eggs are the most beautiful of any egg.


Whether speckled or pure green, the eggs are as fantastic and exotic as the birds themselves.  Strikingly colored in dark blue and with shimmering metallic hackles, the rooster is a treasure to behold.  As with all blue chickens, our Silverudds will come in Blue, Black and Splash coloring. 

The Isbar (pronounced: ice-bar) was created by Martin Silverudd in Sweden, around the 1980s.  Actually, the Isbar was the name given to a breed created earlier than what we’ve come to know as the Isbar in the US today.  Today they are known as Silverudd Blues.

Silverudd Blue (Isbar)