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Similar in appearance to the Beltsville Small White and sometimes shown under the same name, the beautiful Midget White Turkeys are the smallest variety of turkey with toms weighing an average of 15 lbs and hens weighing 8 lbs.  They were developed at the University of Massachusetts in the 1950’s by Bob Smyth and are a cross between Royal Palms and Commercial Whites.


At one time they almost were extinct, which makes them a highly sought after breed. They are very friendly and can make great pets. The hens are naturally broody and will raise their young on their own.


Midget Whites are a rare heritage breed classified as “Critical” by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.


In recent years, Midget Whites have developed a reputation as a friendly, small-flock turkey with excellent food qualities, perfect for raising in backyards and on urban homesteads and here is why:


  • Working Birds - Bred to provide meat for the family table
  • Homestead Ready - The perfect size to raise in your backyard
  • Naturally Reproducing - No artificial insemination required
  • Naturally Nesting - Incubate and raise their own young
  • Excellent Taste - Lean meat with remarkable eating qualities
  • Friendly Demeanor - Integrate well with people and animals
  • Small Size - Just the right amount of meat for the family table


Straight run only

Midget White Heritage Poults