* No Shipping * Local Farm Pick Up Only * Minimum of 5 chicks * Thinking of adding some meat chickens this spring....I have a very limited supply of Gray Broilers (Kosher Kings) available.  Must be picked up the weekend of April 24th. If you want a bird that’s healthy, grows well with excellent feed conversion and reaches a consistent processed weight of 4-6 pounds in 9-11 weeks the Kosher King is your bird.  The average age of a white-feathered broiler in the U.S. is 42 days and no matter what’s in your feed, a 42 day-old broiler is too young to develop any real taste or texture.  ​If you're like me, you want a large growing, but healthy and sturdy meat chicken with a richer tasting and better textured meat.  With the Kosher King you won't have the array of health issues that plague the Cornish-cross, such as risk of heart attack, weak legs, temperature sensitivity, and lethargy.  When the Cornish-cross lay down all the time it creates a callus on their chest that looks and feels gross when you dress them out. The Kosher King or Gray Broilers are better foragers, act more like real chickens, and don't just hang out at the feeder all day - they're simply a more ethical, slower-growing bird. These active meat chickens enjoy lots of bugs and grasses in addition to the grain you feed them which means more meat and less feed cost for you. Kosher King has good growth rate and feed conversion, excellent livability and a 70% live to dressed weight yield.  The breast meat is on a long keel in natural proportion to the leg meat. This hardy bird is an excellent forager well suited for any environment. Photos don't do them justice... these are a big bird that's perfectly portioned!  They'll be the best tasting chicken you've ever grown out for meat.

Gray Broiler Chicks