~ Maximum of 6 eggs per order please ~


Lavender Orpingtons are a shimmering, grayish, silver color with a definite purple tone.  They are a true beauty and rarity.  Orpington Chickens, in general, are big, round, fluffy chickens and could arguably be the softest of all the breeds.  Lavender, also known as self-blue; are not like your typical blue chickens. Lavender Orpingtons will breed true and all of the offspring will be the Lavender color.


Orpingtons are large and fluffy clean legged chickens. They are a cold hardy and are super docile and great with children, making them one of the best options for your backyard family flock.


Orpington Chickens were developed by William Cook in the 1800s and named after his hometown, Orpington, England. They lay 175- 220 lightly brown tinted, almost pink eggs per year and are considered a sustainable heritage breed.  Though they are not recognized by the APA, they are a rare variety to add to your flock.

Lavendar Orpington

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