~ Maximum of 6 eggs per breed per order ~
The Ameraucana is an American domestic breed of chicken developed in the United States in the 1970's. It derives from Araucana chickens brought from Chile. Ameraucana Chickens are not to be confused with Easter Eggers, as they are a pure breed and also not to be confused with Araucanas, which are rumpless and have tufts. Ameraucanas always have both beards/muffs. Their pea comb makes them a great bird for colder climates. The breeds most desirable features are their slate or black legs and the fact that they lay blue tinted eggs. They are bred to retain the blue-egg gene egg shell color and they have a quiet and calm personality.
Lavender Ameraucana (aka self blue) has become one of the favorite color choices in chickens lately, of course it's a color that suits the Ameraucana breed very well. In 2016, It was petitioned to the APA that Lavender become an accepted color variation, so while not yet an accepted color, you can expect to possibly see it accepted soon.
Price is per egg.

Lavendar Ameraucana