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~ Maximum of one dozen eggs please per order ~


Welsummers are named after the village of Welsum in Holland. Developed in the 1900's, they were first imported into this country in 1928 for their dark brown eggs. 

Welsummers tend to be more athletic, taking to foraging and free ranging more often than other breeds. 


Welsummer hens lay 200-250 large eggs a year which are a terracotta dark brown, often with dark speckles.


They are an upright, active bird with a broad back, full breast, large full tail and a single comb. Welsummers are intelligent and have a docile and friendly personality as well as very cold hardy. The famed Kellogg’s Rooster was a Welsummer chicken. The Welsummer roosters are glorious with their beautiful shades of red and black. They are a fast growing bird and considered a sustainable heritage breed.


Price is per egg.

Heritage Welsummer