~Maximum of 6 Guineas per order ~ local pick up only ~ ~ Guineas typically start laying a bit later into Spring for us.  Keep this in mind when ordering.  ~We will have a small amount of Guinea Keets available for purchase for local pick up only!  If you are like me, I was very skeptical of these stange looking creatures at first, but gosh now, I think I like them more than the chickens!  Please don't tell my chickens this though!  ;)   	Contrary to the rumors, they have great personalities!	They will act as the farm yard watch dog, sounding the alarm whenever anything unusual occurs.	Will consume large amounts of insects.	Will seldom bother your garden or flowers.	Are easy and inexpensive to raise.	Will fend for themselves, living on insects, seeds, and grasses.	Awesome at controlling deer ticks, wood ticks, grasshoppers, box-elder bugs, flies, crickets, fire ants and all other insects.	Even their call will discourage rodents.	My husbands favorite reason:  They will kill snakes. So be sure to add a few or a hundred (ha ha) to your farmstead too!

Guinea Keet