~Maximum of 6 Guineas per order ~ local pick up only ~


We will have a small amount of Guinea Keets available for purchase for local pick up only!  If you are like me, I was very skeptical of these stange looking creatures at first, but gosh now, I think I like them more than the chickens! 


Please don't tell my chickens this though!  ;)  


  • Contrary to the rumors, they have great personalities!
  • They will act as the farm yard watch dog, sounding the alarm whenever anything unusual occurs.
  • Will consume large amounts of insects.
  • Will seldom bother your garden or flowers.
  • Are easy and inexpensive to raise.
  • Will fend for themselves, living on insects, seeds, and grasses.
  • Awesome at controlling deer ticks, wood ticks, grasshoppers, box-elder bugs, flies, crickets, fire ants and all other insects.
  • Even their call will discourage rodents.
  • My husbands favorite reason:  They will kill snakes.

So be sure to add a few or a hundred (ha ha) to your farmstead too!

Guinea Keet

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