Please review before placing order

When will my order ship or be ready for pick up?

All orders are first come, first served based on order of payments and availability of chicks/eggs.

All egg orders will be shipped on Monday's or Tuesday's to reduce the chance of your eggs getting stuck at the post office over the weekend.​

Weather plays a huge role in when we can ship, as we want your eggs to get to you safely. If the temperatures are extremely hot or cold we may ask to postpone your shipment until the weather becomes more temperate.

All local pick up orders for eggs and chicks must be arranged by Angie. We will contact you to make pick up arrangements once your order is ready. We follow strict biosecurity policies and therefore we are not open to the public. We do offer on the Farm Events thoughout the year, so be sure to check out the EVENTS tab!

What are your shipping charges for eggs?

$22.00 - USPS Priority to Continental US Only

Please always consider shipped eggs are a complete gamble. There are so many variables that affect your hatch rate when shipping eggs. Please know that we guarantee you will be receiving fertile and fresh eggs from a healthy flock. We however cannot guarantee the eggs will hatch, or even develop. We ship you the same eggs we are hatching here on our farm on a weekly basis.

Do you ship chicks?

Not at this time. Summertime the temps get very hot and we feel it's better off for the chicks safety to wait until September to start shipping again. If you have already placed an order, we will still be contacting to you set up shipping once your order is ready!

What is the minimum and maximum orders?

We have placed limits on how many chicks or eggs of one breed can be ordered at one time. We are slowly growing our flocks but at this time we cannot accomodate large orders.

For shipping hatching Eggs we can typically fit 2 dozen eggs per box. Each addtional box will include an addtional shipping fee of $22. There is no minimum amount of eggs per order for shippping.

Hatching Egg orders are placed in either half dozen or dozen increments only, depending on breed selected. Some breeds have a half dozen maximum, while others are 1 dozen maximum.

For Chicks, we have a 6 limit maximum on most breeds, some are less and are noted on order page. If your heart is set on more, please contact us to see if we can accomodate your need. Chicks are for local pick up only at this time unitl Fall.

Thank you for your understanding.

Sunset Barn Family Farm