Please review before placing order

When will my order ship or be ready for pick up?

All orders are first come, first served based on order of payments and availability of chicks/eggs.

When your order is ready for shipment or pick-up, we will email you. Your remaining balance will need to be paid in full prior to shipping or pick-up. Please be sure to respond to our notification within 48 hours. Failing to do so will result in us moving to the customer in line.

Farm pick up orders will be arranged at time of notification. Please arrive on time for your order; they will be packed and ready to go!

We ship orders on Tuesday and Saturdays. We will alert you of your ship date in advance and please respond within 48 hours. Once a shipping label is created, a tracking number will be emailed to you. Please use this as an estimated arrival date. Any concern or questions on your package's arrival date will need to be directly to your local post office.

All orders will be marked to be held at Post Office for pick-up by you with the phone number your provided on your order. If you do not wish for the Post Office to hold your package, and rather it come directly to your home, please notify us prior to order ready notification.

Weather plays a huge role in when we can ship, as we want your eggs to get to you safely. If the temperatures are extremely hot or cold we may ask to postpone your shipment until the weather becomes more temperate.

What are your shipping charges for eggs?

$22.00 per box of one dozen eggs plus 2 extras. An addtional $22 will be required for a second dozen of eggs. USPS Priority to Continental US Only.

Please always consider shipped eggs are a complete gamble. There are so many variables that affect your hatch rate when shipping eggs. Please know that we guarantee you will be receiving fertile and fresh eggs from a healthy flock. We however cannot guarantee the eggs will hatch, or even develop. We ship you the same eggs we are hatching here on our farm on a weekly basis.

Do you ship chicks?

We are taking a break on shipping chicks due to the delays these days with the USPS. We may change this as we see these delays becoming less of an issue. Thank you for your understanding.

What is the minimum and maximum orders?

We have placed limits on how many chicks or eggs of one breed can be ordered at one time. We are slowly growing our flocks but at this time we cannot accomodate large orders.

For Eggs: We will only ship a dozen eggs in one box. (plus 2 extras so total of 14 eggs)

Each addtional box will include an additional shipping fee of $22. There is no minimum amount of eggs per order for shippping.

For Chicks: We do not ship chicks at this time due to delays with the Postal Service.

We have a 6 limit maximum on most breeds, some are less and are noted on order page. Chicks are for Local Pick Up only at this time. Chick orders for local pick up need to be at least 4 chicks minimum.

Thank you for your understanding.