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Our Story

At Sunset Barn Family Farm, we are committed to raising healthy, happy animals in the most humane way possible!  I'm a wee bit obsessed with our 2 legged, feathered friends.  Some locals refer to me as the real Crazy Chicken lady! 


We are a small family farm located in Northwest Illinois about 10 miles from Prophetstown IL.  We raise all sorts of fun and gorgeous poultry including rare and heritage breed chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, as well as a wide array of beautifully colored guineas, a pair of peafowl and a handful of quail.  Let us not forget to mention the Flemish Giant and Dwarf Hotot rabbits as well.  We are sure to have something to take home that will make you grin from ear to ear!


We also enjoy raising registered Katahdin Hair Sheep.  We are working diligently at growing our small flock and breeding to meet and exceed breed standards.  We will have breeding stock available in 2021.




colorful hatching eggs for sale

Meet Angie

Hello!  Welcome to our Farm!  I am the product of 4 generations of farmers, although I left the small town life for city life back in 2000.  My country roots were calling my name and after 10 years of experiencing a very different way of life, I came back home!  I met my soon to be  husband who grew up not far from my hometown.  We married, had a couple babies, and then started our little farmstead in 2016. 

My drive comes from wanting to be able to give my children all the gifts that farm life can give.  The good ones, and the bad.  Farm life and raising animals is not always all rainbows and cupcakes, but we wouldn't change it for the world.  I love being able to share our hard work with others...so that is how I got here....selling my beloved chickens!  ….and ducks, turkeys, guineas, quail, sheep, some occasional sheep and who knows what else may call Sunset Barn Family Farm home in the future!



We are a local, small family farm.  Supporting your local farmers supports the small town American life.  These animals are not only a source of income for our family, but also our beloved pets, friends, and companions.  We care for them in the cold and the rain.  The hot and humid days and nurse them back to health if ill.  And most of all, we give them love.  So much love.  We can tell you when a chicken hatched, what her name is and why we love her.  This is the real deal.  Up close and personal here on the farm!

We hope to hear from you!

Angie Frank

Sunset Barn Family Farm

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